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This internet site is about the project CP-WELLBEING.

The project CP-WELLBEING belongs to the European Erasmus+ programme.
Erasmus+ helps people to learn.
And to meet new people.
And with sports.
eating image People with Cerebral Palsy often have difficulties to eat alone.

They need other people who feed them.
Feeding is an act of love and can help people with Cerebral Palsy to feel happy.
Also they can become healthier when they eat the right things.
And when they do sports.
teaching image Our objective is to teach parents of people with Cerebral Palsy and professionals the best way to feed.
And to make sports with people with Cerebral Palsy together with other people.
So people with Cerebral Palsy live happy.
And they meet new people.
And they have a better life.
workshop image We will create training lessons on how to feed.
Also we will make training workshops to learn feeding together.
We will also create a special training internet site to get the training lessons and to get help.
mail image Write us an email if you have a question.
Or if you want to get news.
Our email address is info@cpwell.eu